Tengo - is a unique team of creative people - the bright professionals in various fields. In 2010, at the beginning of our way, we were focused mainly on design, advertising, video production and 3D graphics. No matter what we were up to, we always put quality first and were guided by the best of the best in the industry. Our approach was a complex service for large businesses on many hi-tech products and solutions - starting from the concept to its embodiment in the video, prints, website or integrated advertising campaign. But already then we were very interested in software engines used in computer games. We felt that there was a hidden powerful potential, allowing us to go far beyond game application. The same year we carried out the first real-time rendering tests on Unreal Development Kit, but the result was too far from that level of quality which was expected by our clients. Several years later, with increased power of processors, video cards and emergence of revolutionary gadgets, we realized that soon nothing will stop us from implementation of our ambitious plans. Furthermore, the market of high technologies was facing the start of arising affordable virtual reality boom and it was incredibly interesting to us.

         In 2013 we began to form department of development which, at first, employed only non-staff experts, but gradually turned into full-fledged own division - Tengo Interactive. The affiliated brand focused on creation of products in virtual reality, augmented reality, applications for mobile platforms and own perspective developments for business needs. As we continue to be engaged in design, high quality video production and 3D graphics within Tengo group, we discovered a huge number of advantages from coexistence in our company of such different, at first sight, experts. From the mix of a creativity, storytelling, 3D graphics and programming, the newest technologies of virtual reality and 360-degree video – this is where the most advanced projects and solutions for our exacting clients are born.

           One of the strengths of our team is that we are not afraid of difficulties and we like to solve absolutely new, non-standard tasks. If necessary, we are ready to use a screw-driver or a soldering iron. Or to learn a new programming language. Or to study all subtleties of some rare, but important profession. This inspires and motivates us, allows to feel like pioneers - those who are paving the way to a future in which there are no barriers, no fears and limitations, where a man wholly given to its most important mission - to be a creator and researcher.